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What does Disneyland have to do with an Information Technology Company?

Everything! With a combined 15+ Years of customer service at the "Happiest Place on Earth" we take exceptional pride in our ability to deliver the best service in our industry. We've learned a lot about customer service from our humble beginnings as "Jungle Cruise Skippers", Canoe rowers, eerie Haunted Mansion greeters, and performers of world class entertainment for guests from around the globe! Our skilled background in ensuring "Magical Memories" to shatter expectations sets us apart from your "run of the mill" IT Companies. We have a lot of pride in our Disney days; feel free to ask us all about it!

So, what about technology? Well, Disney is a front runner in pioneering innovation!

Disney's leadership in technology has proven to us its importance in every business. So it started with oneā€”one idea, one person devoted to providing exceptional customer service and technology solutions to those in need. From our beginning in 2004, providing network assistance for coffee shops, to where we are today, The Dynamic Technology Resolution continues to value every opportunity we have to serve business owners and their staffs. Holding to our original values, we have dedicated our time to understanding the specific needs of each business we service.

You see, we care about you, and desire to establish a long-term relationship with you that will always benefit your corporation. We don't create temporary solutions or a "quick fix." We look at the big picture of your business and plan for the long haul, helping you grow and expand, instead of leaving you fighting with your technology. We take the worry away. We've partnered with dozens of industry leaders so we can offer you the best possible solution, whether it be hardware, software, or just friendly advice. We understand the needs of a business and the importance of keeping costs manageable, so we are prepared to work with you to provide the best and most reliable tech support for your dollar. No matter what the issue, we're always here for you.

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I have used The Dynamic Technology Resolution many times and every time they have been great to deal with. Their staff are very knowledgeable about any issue I have had and they are personable without lacking professionalism. I can call on short notice and they will always do their best to accommodate my needs promptly. I would strongly recommend The DTR to anyone in need of quality IT service, whether it be for business or personal use.

Nicole V., Placentia, CARead More