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FAQ – We're too small – how can I afford a large scale outsourcing in this economy?

Having technology experts manage your computer systems for you is actually the quickest and cheapest way to stop spending time and energy that is better used toward your business. Let someone else design and deliver your basic business 'tools' while you get back to making your business profitable. Too many business owners see losing time and good money after bad for computers and keeping them running as just 'business as usual'. STOP the madness and end the opportunity cost of wasting what resources you have on old and failing systems or software.

FAQ – What is Managed Services?

Managed Services is simply the term used for on-site full encompassing computer support. It means you see the value in outsourcing your IT headache, and for a monthly FLAT rate you receive expert technological advise, support, Help Desk, hardware (Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Backup systems, Secure Data Storage, Firewall (SPAM blocking, Malware and Virus Protection), Internet Service management, Cellular management, etc., OR any part of the above mix that suits your business.

FAQ - I don't have the budget for outsourcing my weekly IT needs, how will this help me?

Flat out – you are spending too much on what you do have and have been for a long time. If anyone else told you that they were a professional and an industry expert and you hired them for advice, hardware, and the set-up and configuration of something effectively putting them in charge of a section of your business but they continued to charge you hourly rates to constantly 'fix' what they had you purchase you would laugh them out of your office! But because computer network and desktop technology is so above the average businesses staff and management, emboldened IT 'professionals' have been able to charge you extreme pricing on their every whim. With Managed Services you are no longer helpless or at the mercy of a computer 'guru' who makes an environment of constant revenue for themselves. We will show you exactly what we do, we will explain why it is being done that way, and we will properly maintain your systems and networks or simply put – you don't pay.

FAQ – Do you offer Cloud Services? WHAT IS CLOUD service?

We offer a full array of backup, storage, and disaster recovery options for your business. The Cloud is simply a way to store your data offsite so that you can retrieve fully updated, secured information that can quickly get you back up and running after an hardware failure or disaster.

FAQ – Do we have to sign up for an entire service package?

Absolutely not. We will work with you to determine what your business actually requires. Many of our clients need what we simply refer to as a smaller version of the large scale, large company, impact solution. You know your business and your day to day needs. We simply provide you with the knowhow and physical components to keep your business on track without having to purchase assets that become almost instantly obsolete.

FAQ – If I use your hardware as a service plan, what do I own and what is the actual cost?

Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, is a revolutionary new outlook in providing our clients with exactly what they need when they need it. At the same time, it provides us as your technology department with tried and true machines, methodology and best practices outlined by such companies as Microsoft, HP, Dell, and Cisco which allows us to install and maintain your systems with less time and energy keeping your costs down. You still own your data, your access, and all aspects of your business. PLUS you get to take what is commonly your highest expenditure items out of the assets collecting dust and depreciating rapidly column, and put the entire amount into your cost of doing business column, saving you what could be vast sums of money with the IRS every year.

FAQ – By hiring you am I replacing the person or people I have now?

Not necessarily. Having an IT person who works directly for you can actually serve your business well in this solution. How many times is your tech running around fighting fires, running out to buy new hardware, trying to fix existing hardware, sitting with individual users, and getting the printer to work again? Is that really what they should be doing? What if we were to provide a one stop solution for all of those things that keep him or her constantly overwhelmed and let them work on moving your business forward? We have the ability to be your entire IT Department or we can happily become your department's access point for everything from connectivity, network solutions, to vendor management. Imagine how nice it would be to pick up the phone and call one person to handle all of your technology needs.

FAQ – Can you take on multiple vendors for me so that I don't spend time calling and waiting for them?

Absolutely; we offer Vendor Management so that we can talk to your ISP, software package provider, mobile cell provider, telephone provider/service, etc. on a peer to peer basis freeing you to handle your regular business activities. You get the added bonus of technology centric personnel actively engaging on your behalf technology personnel on the other side of things speeding up the process and limiting not only being overcharged, but also saving you on monthly bills that may more than pay for our service to begin with!

FAQ – Why should I choose Dynamic Technology Resolutions?

We formed this company to better serve our clients and community. We have a long track record in this industry for computer and peripheral solutions and we have seen too many times where business have been taken advantage of by their hired and 'trusted' IT person, spending thousands more than necessary. It has hurt your business as well as our industry. Providing a transparent solution based on service is how we started here at DTR. Our backgrounds are united with the fact that each of us has learned from the number one customer service company in the World – Disneyland. We have taken our knowledge from working at the park and have added decades of experience in technology to design and bring you a solution that hinges on our relationship with you, and not how much can we make from you.

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What I like best about Dynamic Technology Resolution is their insight into not only problem solving, but problem prevention. They do not offer 'quick fixes' that leave you in more trouble than you began with. They consider multiple scenarios when creating a solution to meet your needs. Dynamic Technology Resolution anticipates side effects and makes adjustments before they have a chance to interfere with your work flow. Your time is valuable and Dynamic Technology Resolution understands that by helping you work smarter, not harder.

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